It is possible to apply various simple typesetting to axis labels, titles etc. through the use of simple TeX-style commands within the text of the label itself. These commands can be used in any text displayed anywhere on a graph area, including number formats, axis titles, additional labels etc. All commands begin with a backslash ('\') followed by a short character sequence identifying the command, and ended with a pair of curly braces ('{' and '}'). The text which is to be the target of the formatting is enclosed in the curly braces, and such sequences can be nested (i.e. enclosed within other curly braces).

Typesetting Commands

Command Effect
\b{text} The enclosed 'text' is displayed in bold
\it{text} The enclosed 'text' is displayed in italics
\sub{text} The enclosed 'text' is lowered by one 'level' of subscript
\sup{text} The enclosed 'text' is raised by one 'level' of superscript