Most of uChroma's window consists of the data visualisation area, where data is displayed in all its glory. The layout of this area can be adjusted to consist of many sub-areas (called panes) in which different (or derived) data can be displayed simultaneously, but by default the main view comprises a single 'graph' area. The layout of the main view can be changed with the Layout Window.

When in standard interaction mode (where you will be most of the time), the mouse has the following functions on a given pane:

  • Single Left-clicking does nothing
  • Double left-clicking on the pane edits the object underneath the mouse pointer (for instance an axis title label)
  • Right-click and drag rotates the current graph axes in 3D (unless the current pane is restricted to 2D, in which case it does nothing)
  • Middle-click and drag translates the current graph axes in 3D (again, unless the pane is 2D)
  • Mouse wheel zooms (i.e. moves away from and towards the viewer) the graph (unless, you guessed it, the pane is in one of the 2D display modes)

Section Index:

  • 1.The Axes Window
  • 2.Collections
    Managing collections
  • 3.Data
  • 4.Layouts
    Laying out graphs in the main view
  • 5.Log
  • 6.Style
  • 7.Transform