dlpfilter writes a new HIStory file containing a selection of frames from an input HIStory file. The frames to write out can be given either as a text file containing frame indices, one per line, or as a first/skip/last sequence.

Basic Usage

dlpfilter <inputHISTORYfile> <outputHISTORYfile> <framefile | first skip last>


  • <inputHISTORYfile> is the name of the source HISTORY file
  • <outputHISTORYfile> is the target name of the new HIStory file framefile is the name of a text file containing the desireed frame indices to write in the new file, one per line first, skip, last are three integer variables stating the starting frame to write, the number of frames to skip inbetween writing frames (use 0 to get all frames), and the final frame to write




The new HISTORY file, with the requested name. The new file is always written unformatted.