Aten will search for additional filters, fragments, and forcefields in a specific location in the user’s home directory. On Linux and Mac OS X systems this directory is called .aten, while on Windows the directory should be called simply aten (i.e. without the preceding dot). Within this directory exists (optionally) further directories named in exactly the same way as those in the main data directory, in which user files of the relevant type should be located.


The two main preferences files are located in the user’s .aten (or aten) directory. Both are optional. The first, prefs.dat (or, alternatively, prefs.txt) is written by Aten from the Prefs window. While this file may be modified by hand, changes will be lost if overwritten by Aten. The second file, user.dat (or, alternatively, user.txt) is maintained entirely by the user, and should be used to change or set up exotic situations and preferences. For instance, a specific forcefield could be loaded automatically on startup.