If a model has an associated trajectory, or you want to associated a trajectory to it, the Trajectory panel is your friend. A trajectory cannot exist on its own in Aten - it must always be associated with a 'parent' model. This parent model does not necessarily reflect the contents of the trajectory frames, and may be empty provided that the trajectory import filter does not rely on parent model content in order to process the trajectory frames in the file.

Trajectory Panel

Manage Group

Manage Group


Open and associated (or replace) a trajectory with the current model


Remove any trajectory associated with the current model


This toggle determines whether the parent model or the trajectory itself is shown in the Main View.

Control Group

Control Group

A set of standard playback controls allow individual frames to be skipped, as well as going straight to the beginning or end of the trajectory. The current frame may also be set with either the spin control or associated slider. The Playback Delay determines the delay, in milliseconds, between the display of subsequent frames in playback (but is, of course, limited by the time it takes to render the model contents each time).

Style Group

Style Group


If the content of the parent model is indicative of the trajectory frame content (i.e. the ordering, number, and type of atoms is the same in each) then the Inherit button will copy style information (drawing style, assigned colour etc.) from the parent model to each of the trajectory frames. In this way a style 'template' can be setup on the parent model and applied easily to all frames.


Copies the style (drawing style, assigned colour etc.) of the atoms in the current trajectory frame to all frames following it.


Copies the style (drawing style, assigned colour etc.) of the atoms in the current trajectory frame up to the parent model.